Journaling Automation with Day One

One of the things I love about Day One is using it as a fully digital journal, but it can be hard to use it to its full potential on a mobile device.

By nature, any journaling app is just one of many applications on your phone. Compared to a physical notebook that you might keep with you and remember to write in, something like Day One can go under-utilized if you just don’t think to use it enough.

Plus, if you’re not at a Mac often or don’t use an iPad with a keyboard, you might not find yourself getting the full use out of having a digital journal.

Nailed the big reason I don’t use Day One as much as I’d like. Definitely trying these out.

How to make journaling in Day One even better with automation


How to Plan a Sober Vacation For Those In Addiction Recovery

When someone is seeking treatment for addiction recovery, there are a variety of options to consider. Travel might be just that solution to kick dependency habits that keep you from living the life you desire. 

When thinking of planning a vacation, the first thing that comes to mind is often the idea of letting loose from the hassles of everyday life, parties, fun and hanging out with locals. Socializing in much of the world involves alcohol in these instances. Navigating a sober life that’s still filled with excitement and adventure is absolutely possible, but you need to do some planning ahead. Here are some tips on planning a vacation for those in addiction recovery. 

Planning Strategically Before the Trip — What If I Get Tempted? 

A common worry for a sober traveler, particularly those who have recently left treatment, is the probability that he or she can avoid temptations. After all, we live in a world where drinking has become a pastime activity. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up enjoyment just because you are abstaining from alcohol or drugs; it just means that careful planning must take place.

Most importantly, always remember that you are not alone. According to a study conducted by The Washington Post, at least 30% of Americans don’t drink and half of the world opts for an alcohol-freelife as well. Remind yourself of this, and don’t feel pressured to engage. Many places touted as party capitals are still filled with individuals who are abstinent, and you can all have a great time without the substances.

Truthfully, there is no foolproof way to avoid alcohol because it is all around us. You canscout out some places and activities ahead of time that will limit your exposure to temptation, however. Use Google Mapsand sites like TripAdvisorto scope out the area from afar, and plan your daily adventures in places that you won’t be surrounded by bars, clubs, and potentially seedy parts of town. Use the opportunity to try something new and exciting that will take your mind off of what you aren’tdoing, and keep yourself busy throughout the trip.


Planning the Trip — What Are My Options?

There are a variety of inexpensive resortsand group retreatscatered to the sober individual. This idea takes the stress away from having to avoid places on your own and will open the door for meeting new sober friends.

Shop around for a trip that you’ll really appreciate, but don’t be afraid to branch out of your usual comfort zone. If you’ve grown up on the coast your entire life, try a mountain vacation instead of the beach. If you’re country grown-and-bred, grab a sober ally and check out a major city like Seattle, Denver, or Los Angeles. The great part about city traveling is that there’s so much to do, drugs and alcohol can be forgotten as you’ll be surrounded by activity based alternatives and can easily pick a new location if you wind up somewhere that temptation is arises.


Planning for the Worst — What Should I Avoid?

If you travel with others, avoid people and situations that will tempt you. Seek out alternate routes that won’t cajole you into your old life and those that aren’t filled with bars, lounges, and other places where drugs and alcohol are consumed. Even if a city is known for this type of activity, there are always alternative options available.

A strong support system is also highly-recommended to keep you on track. Though studies show that friendships can help you live longer, it’s the quality of a friend that counts. You may even replace risky activities with healthier ones, such as joining a fitness center, volunteering or helping those with their own addictions. Try to avoid old friends who push your old life onto you. Instead, seek out new ones who will lead you in the right direction.

Leading a sober life offers a world of possibilities. If you are a recovering addict with a longing to travel, don’t put off life. Take the necessary steps in order to ensure that you continue on the sober path in your newfound adventures.


101 Ways to Fight Climate Change

Curbed searched communities across the country and around the world, consulted experts and advocates, and pulled from our voluminous coverage on sustainable cities to create a go-to guide for climate action. Our goal is to provide practical, implementable advice on an individual level, as well as to illustrate the power of collective commitments. We hope you will share more of your own ideas, inspirations, and suggestions in the comments.

Big list. Some obvious things we all do (or should) and some I hadn’t thought of. The below has to be my favorite.

  1. Visit our national parks. Many of our treasured national parks are on the frontlines of climate change; for example, Glacier National Park may be glacier-free within a few decades. Here are some environmentally sound places to stay while you visit.

I love our National Parks. Happy Earth Day.

101 ways to fight climate change

 NASA’s “Global Selfie” Earth mosaic contains more than 36,000 individual photographs from the more than 50,000 images posted around the world on Earth Day, April 22, 2014.

NASA’s “Global Selfie” Earth mosaic contains more than 36,000 individual photographs from the more than 50,000 images posted around the world on Earth Day, April 22, 2014.

Drafts 5

Drafts struck a chord with users with its quick capture and fast process workflow. Drafts opens to a blank note and a cursor ready for text. After hammering out your idea, you can quickly process that draft with one of its built-in actions or with any of the hundreds (thousands?

This app and its spot in my iPhone dock is literally muscle memory for me. All my quick notes and todos start here.

Drafts 5 launches


The 10 Most Drivable National Parks

With more than four million miles of pavement on U.S. roads, travelers are faced with an abundance of scenic routes from sea to shining sea. And with 58 parks in the national park system, many of those roads zip straight through some of America’s finest landscapes. But which roads are the finest? We spent a summer driving across the country to find out.

These are the most drivable national parks in the U.S.

I’ve been to a lot of these parks and want to go again. This is a good list for those who may not be able to throw a pack together and camp in the woods like we could in our single days. Perfect list for a family road trip.

The 10 Most Drivable National Parks in the U.S.


The Similarities of Off-Roading and Rock Climbing

I was watching the newest episode of one of my current favorite YouTube channels and I was struck by the realiziation that various types of off-roading align quite well with various types of rock climbing.


  • Slow, considered, technical, requires tons of practice and experience, bring everything but the kitchen sink: Aid Climbing VS technical Off-Road Rock Crawling
  • Fast, less experience required, less gear needed, can throw some caution to the wind: Sport Climbing VS ORV Park obstacle driving/racing
  • Faster yet, pedal to the metal adrenaline, think less...just go: Indoor Speed Climbing VS Baja Style Racing

I’m sure there could be more comparisons made, but as I watched the guys in the below video take hours to pass one obstacle, just to get turned around when the terrain looked even more reminded me of times I’ve had to do the same while climbing.

If you want to go straight to a well edited, good story lines, you tube channel...go check out Jason Koertge.

10 Habits of Mentally Strong People

To increase your mental strength, you simply need to change your outlook. When hard times hit, people with mental strength suffer just as much as everyone else. The difference is that they understand that life’s challenging moments offer valuable lessons. In the end, it’s these tough lessons that build the strength you need to succeed.

Developing mental strength is all about habitually doing the things that no one else is willing to do. If you aren’t doing the following things on a regular basis, you should be, for these are the habits that mentally strong people rely on.

Very interesting list. I feel like some of these come more naturally to certain people than others, but they can definitely be learned or improved upon, if you are self aware enough.

10 habits of mentally strong people

Nat Geo's Best Spring Trips 2018


Japan’s cherry blossom season begins at the country’s southern tip in mid-January, then blooms northward to a rosy May finale in Hokkaido. There are hundreds of ways to hanami (the Japanese word for celebrating cherry blossom season): strolling Tokyo’s Nakameguro canal after house-made ramen at Kaduya; dipping into sakura (cherry blossom) hot springs in Kawazu; or boating down the kite-strung Kitakami River to Tenshochi Park where 10,000 cherry trees arc into irresistible pale pink allées. At the Takayama Spring Festival in the Hida mountains, cherry blossoms have been celebrated for over 300 years with an exquisite lantern-lit parade of antique golden floats. Go with Nat Geo: How will you hanami in Japan?

I want to go to all of them....check out the link for the pictures alone.

Nat Geo's Best Spring Trips 2018

 photo courtesy of Nat Geo

photo courtesy of Nat Geo

Climbing the Highest Peaks of 100 Countries

The highest point of the Vatican is only 75 metres, but reaching it requires a little nous. “You have to go on a tour of the gardens to actually stand on the highest point,” explains Lee Humphries, who has made it his quest to reach the highest point of 100 countries by 2020.

Similarly, the extreme of elevation in Belarus is only 345 metres above sea level, and just off a main road, but then one needs to gain entry into the last dictatorship in Europe first.


Climbing the Highest Peaks of 100 Countries


Use Fitness to Help with Addiction Recovery

Use Fitness to Help with Addiction Recovery

Welcome to Epic Beta's guest writer Constance Ray! We're very happy to find readers who are interested in contributing and willing to write about what they are passionate about. Thank you Constance for your contribution and here's hoping that your passion reaches those who read here!



Addiction recovery isn’t something you go through for a little while, it’s a lifetime commitment. Learn how to use physical fitness to make recovery part of your long-term plan and make sure it’s successful. Sobriety and exercise go hand-in-hand....
Read More

Kyle Dempster Solo Adventure Award

"We had over 50 applicants, and we're excited to see and hear the stories that come out of these trips," said Andy Anderson, a close friend of Dempster and a member of the grant committee.

The descriptions of the recipients and their planned adventures below have been slightly abridged from a press release sent out by the award committee:

Anthony Marra of Salt Lake City, Utah, is receiving $2,000 for a four-month trip across the north and south islands of New Zealand. He will bike, climb and ski nine major summits along the way. He will tow a bike trailer with all the necessary equipment as well as a surfboard, which he'll use when he heads to the coast for some celebratory beach time after each peak. To prepare for this trip, in the summer of 2017, Anthony spent three months biking from the Canadian border to Mexico, climbing and skiing 26 peaks in the Cascades and Sierra.

These folks would obviously be doing these trips regardless of being awarded a small grant...but man are these proposed trips cool!

Kyle Dempster Solo Adventure Award recipients announced -