Your Next Favorite Notes App - Notebook by Zoho

Your Next Favorite Notes App - Notebook by Zoho

My place of work does not use Macs, so for the past couple weeks I’ve been on the hunt for apps that I enjoy using, can use on my iPhone, iPad, Mac (at home), and in a browser while at work. That last requirement tends to severely limit the playing field but there are some high quality apps out there that meet my criteria....

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The Gym, the Kitchen, and Your Abs

Toning abdominal muscles is just one part of the equation. The other? Tackle what’s on top of that underlying six-pack. Men and women of all sizes typically have a layer of fat over their midsection. For abs to show through, the first step is to decrease body fat by burning more calories than you consume. There are two ways to achieve that: Exercise and reduced caloric intake. That’s where the phrase, “Abs are sculpted in the kitchen” gets its merit.

Good info all in one spot if solid abs are your New Years resolution.

Are Abs Really Sculpted in the Kitchen?


The Hero Clip

At HeroClip, we believe in the transformative power of change. Our products are like badges that say, “I evolve.” They make our lives better in ways we can’t describe, only feel.

Little cheesie…but these things are sweet. Already bought a couple for myself and I know they’ll come in handy while traveling. [1]

Check them out here and get a 15% discount code

  1. Just FYI, HERO Clip isn’t a sponsor but I may get an affiliate fee if you decide to purchase one with the code you get from clicking the link below.  ↩


5 Climber Tips For Healthy Knees

When it comes to climbing injuries, the spotlight stays fixed on the upper body: fingers, elbows, and shoulders. It makes sense. Those three areas undergo significant wear and tear. But it's just as important to consider the risk of injury in our lower half, where our knees are the most taxed from climbing movement.

Not only will keeping your knees healthy extend your climbing career, but if you make your legs strong in the process, those gear humps to the base of El Cap or Half Dome are soooo much easier.

A Climber's Guide to Healthy Knees: 5 Tips for Preventing Knee Injuries


You Want to Get Better at Fitness Programming? Start here...

If done well, then following the three phases laid out for you should be able to set your athletes up for success. Planning and preparation is the name of the game for the coach, as the old adage saying states: “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

May as well start planning now and the concepts are for more than just weightlifting. I’ve already got a few things on the books for my own training. Have to be prepared for those “Cliffhanger” moments right?

3 Phases of Building Successful Weightlifting Athletes


Budgeting for The Van Life

“Every vanlifer we’ve interviewed (and we have interviewed a lot) is confronted with queries about financing their vagabonding lifestyle. It’s a pressing concern, right? Especially if you’re trying to develop a career from within the confines of a vehicle and keep gas in the tank. There are obvious financial advantages to living in a van that give you some leeway to earn a bit less or be a bit more free with your time, but there are also the drawbacks of not having an office or a consistent locale from which to connect with others.

Thankfully, technology and ingenuity have provided vanlifers Sara and Alex James of 40 Hours of Freedom with just what they need to create and nurture a digital marketing business. Under their tutelage, a whole new group of adventurers can shed their 9-to-5s and potentially hit the road without being driven (terrible pun alert) to poverty.”

Let This Vagabonding Couple Explain How To Budget For The Van Life


A Mere Mortal’s Guide to Climbing the Nose

I am just a regular guy from the midwest with a 7 year old daughter and a semi-normal job who dreams about living in a van with my smokin’ hott climber girlfriend and being a #dirtbag #vanlife. Since that would never happen, I had to train my butt off, literally, because at this time last year I was about 30 lbs overweight. My climbing partner, Matt, a chiseled 6 foot 160 lbs, laughed at me when I told him I wanted to climb the Nose.

This guy did a great job with his trip report. It's engaging, has some amazing stories throughout and the end is perfect...

When we got all our gear up to that tree, Matt had a surprise for me. “I brought a little something up just incase we made it here, how would you like a little whiskey?”

I had given up drinking 6 weeks before the trip to help with training and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our accomplishment. “I brought something too,” pulling out two Snickers bars. We hugged each other and tried to hold back tears.

There was no Provost at the top of this rock handing out diplomas, no annoyed, sweaty professors waiting to shake our hands. Just the two of us and a giant pile of gear.

So we sat, eating Snickers with warm bellies, and watched the moon come up over the valley rim.

That's how a climb ends. Perfect.

A Mere Mortal's Guide to Climbing the Nose


5 Steps to Procrastinate Zero

We’re so distracted with useless tasks, that we live truly unproductive lives.

And that’s stupid, right? Why would you sabotage yourself? Why would you start things but never finish them? Why would you not get the most out of life?

Well, I have good news: It’s not your fault.

Well, it is, but it also isn’t. It’s complicated.

It’s not your fault because procrastination is as old as modern civilization.

Hesiod, a Greek poet who lived in the 8th century B.C., put it best:

“Do not put off your work until tomorrow and the day after. For the sluggish worker does not fill his barn, nor the one who puts off his work; industry aids work, but the man who puts off work always wrestles with disaster.” You see? That quote is from centuries ago. Our behavior hasn’t changed much. It doesn’t take a scientist to observe that.

That’s good to know. I guess procrastination is just working “old school”.

I have created a system. Feel free to copy it.

I call it Procrastinate Zero. And it looks like this:

Some great tidbits in here. I especially like his tip about how to get people to actually read your email.

This System Will Supercharge Your Productivity – Darius Foroux – Medium


How to Maintain Climbing Strength as You Age

In our third decade, we start losing mass in skeletal muscles, and in our forties, the process accelerates—we may lose as much as 10 to 20 percent. Climbers may note this less because the decline is greater in the lower body than in the upper. But still, it’s happening. Most of the muscle lost is fast-twitch, so power will drop first. But there is some good news: Endurance persists. Read on to sidestep nature.

Hate to admit it but I’m in that “third decade” group.

How to Maintain Climbing Strength as You Age

24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites of 2017

When we compiled our original list of the 24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites, we thought we were creating an index that would be useful for readers and for ourselves. Little did we know it would become the most popular feature we've ever published.

We're doing things a little differently in 2017, asking previous winners of the Blogs & Websites feature to nominate their favorite travel sites. The results give a refreshing glimpse into a tight-knit travel community filled with old pals and new voices.

I’ve got a lot of sites to check out.

24 Best Travel Blogs and Websites 2017


8 Moderate Climbs for Your Tick List

No matter your ability level, there are plenty of reasons to jump on an excellent 5.6. It can provide an opportunity to hone a certain skill set, like building anchors or perfecting hand jams. It can be a great entry point into unfamiliar and remote terrain. It can also mean cruising up stellar rock with spectacular scenery, removing us from the numbers-chasing game and reminding us why we all came to love climbing in the first place. Here, a collection of some of the country’s best 5.6s that every climber should add to the “must-do” list.

A couple of these are already on my tick list even though well below what I know I can climb. Sometimes climbing is about what they mention...climbing in that stellar scenery.

Moderate Marvels: 8 of the Best Multipitch 5.6 Routes in the U.S.


The iPhone X

Even though I don’t follow Daring Fireball as closely as I used to, (too much politics crept in to the feed), John Gruber is still the best in the biz when it comes to even toned Apple analysis. He takes his time and publishes his take on a new platform when his thought are fully baked...unlike many high volume sites.

What we’re left with, though, is truly a unique situation. Apple is attempting to move away from iOS’s historical interface one device at a time. Just the iPhone X this year. Maybe a few iPhone models next year. iPad Pros soon, too? But next thing you know, all new iOS devices will be using this, and within a few years after that, most iPhones in active use will be using it — without ever once having a single dramatic (or if you prefer, traumatic) platform-wide change.

This slow change with Face ID may not seem as dramatic as the headphone jack disappearing, or the move to the 5.5 inch screen size, but it is just as impactful on the future of the platform. He nails it with this one. 

The iPhone X


Awesome Climbing Stories

Jacopo Larcher and Barbara Zangerl made a rare free ascent of Magic Mushroom (VI 5.14a, 2,900') on El Capitan, topping out on December 10 after an 11-day push from the ground. With nine pitches of 5.12, nine pitches of 5.13 and two pitches of 5.14a, and much of the difficulty concentrated on the top half of the route, Magic Mushroom is considered one of the harder free lines on El Cap.

Not only do I love climbing stories like these, but the pictures are freaking amazing!! I need to get back to the Valley soon.

Freeing Magic Mushroom on El Cap