Back Again

I've been quiet for a while as life has kept me busy. I'll do my best to rectify that.

I'll start off with what I think is a big one but kinda not surprising. Federico Viticci has switched his primary todo app to 2Do.

I'm surprised because I discovered this powerful little app a couple years ago and have seen it mature and grow since then. A bump like this from someone big in the iOS news/writing world is huge for them.

via Mac Stories:

There’s only one thing I like more than switching todo apps: writing about it. On the surface, it surely seems like I’ve been doing a lot of both in the past year.

Primarily out of curiosity but also with a hint of app boredom, I installed 2Do on my iPhone and iPad while I was in Positano. I had no idea it would become the task manager I’ve felt the most comfortable with since getting an iPhone eight years ago.

Why 2Do Is My New Favorite iOS Task Manager