It's Not Sandbagged...You Just Need to Get Better

Bob Scarpelli, of Vedauwoo offwidth fame, is often considered by many to be the worlds biggest sandbagger. Frankly, I didn't find his routes to be sandbagged at all. Did they feel ridiculously hard? Yes. Fuck yes. But when I watched Bob climb them, it became obvious that his technique was light years ahead of mine. As I learned from Bob and got better, the routes felt more like the given grade. Had I just blamed the grade, I might never have gotten better at offwidth climbing.


When you're hanging there on the end of the rope, or crumpled in a heap on your crashpad, incensed that you've been sandbagged by this clearly undergraded rock climb, before you look stupid for voicing your thoughts, take a breath. This is an extremely valuable moment.

I haven't been climbing for the past few months and know that everything I might try would feel hard to me - but I'm proud to say I probably wouldn't call everything sandbagged. However, when I was at my climbing peak I might have done just that.

The author has a great's probably not sandbagged...we just need to get better.

Sandbagged. Are You Kidding Yourself? ~ Power Company Climbing