3 Grigris

Classic trip report to make you dream about climbing in far off places. As the author notes, sometimes climbing with new partners/local climbers is half the adventure.

It took four days to complete the first ascent of Angavoa Wall, and every day Hery would have his three Grigris hanging on the gear loops of his harness. Every day I would tell him it was unnecessary weight, especially since we were climbing with double ropes (Grigris don’t work with double ropes).

On day five we went back on the route to try to free-climb the whole line in one go. To improve our chance of success, I wanted Hery to leave behind any extra gear that would weigh him down. So I took the three Grigris off his harness, put them in the bag that was staying on the ground and said, “You will not need these today.”

Hery assured me he understood. But when he showed up after a long wait at the first anchor, what was on his harness? THREE GRIGRIS!

Shaking my head in disbelief, I thought to myself, “That’s awesome!”

Awesome indeed.

The Cleanest Line: Two in the Tsaranoro Valley: A report from the rock walls of Madagascar

 via the cleanest line

via the cleanest line