He's Gonna Need a New Shirt

I love the emotion that Kathy conveys in her blog For The Love of Climbing. I saved this article a while back because not only am I a fan of Patagonia but I also love their Worn Wear campaign and the stories that follow old gear.

Kathy relays her part in one of those stories from a friend of hers.

There was my life before climbing, and it was a great life. Right around the time I’d just started climbing and had met Connie, I began seeing new things and places and meeting new people, and started seeing each one of them a little bit differently. I started realizing that there were these overlapping circles of friendship and remembrance, like tiny invisible Venn diagrams. And yet, somehow, they all connected in the curved segments. And some might see things such as a relationship ending as the end of a chapter, and others might remind us that a new one is always around the corner but the thing is, chapters might end but stories…..they go on forever.

And here it is, in Connie’s story, that I am reminded that while everybody has an extraordinary one, it’s the love we put into it that is what keeps us connected and makes it all of ours:

Great read.

He's gonna need a good shirt