Traveling light

If you're reading this blog then you probably love to travel. Part of the fun is figuring how light we can go. I inevitably seem to pack more spare clothes than I need.

Not travel blog writer Tynan though:

My bag currently hovers right at ten pounds. It’s actually at ten and a quarter, which is essentially ten, but doesn’t allow me to claim single digits, which would be exciting for no good reason at all.

Single digits is quite the mark to shoot for.

Some of the best moments in travel are those for which you’re unprepared. Your goal with packing should be to be totally prepared for your daily routine while traveling, and most likely scenarios that you’ll encounter. If it’s going to be cold, you should have a jacket. If you’re going anywhere that’s not a desert, bring a rain shell. But you don’t need to prepare for everything. You aren’t prepared for everything at home, either. I used to travel with rain pants so that I could be totally waterproof, but then I realized that I never wore them at home, and that my legs getting wet occasionally is okay.

Great concept to keep in mind. The "do I even use this at home?" test is one I'll have to start instituting.

Why I Only Travel with Ten Pounds of Stuff - Tynan