Hello World...Happy Valentine's Day

Could I start off with anything more cheesy?


I could have started this blog off by wishing my wonderful wife a happy Valentine's Day and thanking her for her support of me and my hobbies. I could have said how amazing she is, how lucky I am to have her in my life, and how she makes me a better person every day. But that would have been really cheesy.

Instead I think I'll introduce myself...or rather this blog since that is what I intend to be the focus...not me, the content.

For the past couple years I've written at another website, focusing primarily on the outdoors and all the amazing things that people do there. Yet, I have other interests that are growing and that I would like to explore through study, conversation, and writing. These interests led me to decide to shut down my old site and start fresh with a place I could write about pretty much anything. But you don't have to read everything that I pontificate over if you're only interested in one thing.

On the home page there are links to topics on World events, the Tech industry, and (of course) the Outdoors. Yet if you want to follow the whole show, you can just check out the blog page and you'll see it all.

That's it. Yep, another blog is born as another one fades away. Hope you enjoy.