Climbing Stoner's Highway with Team Breakup


An excerpt from the book Climbing Out of Bed:

Scott had set the tone with his incredible, delicate, climbing, and I was determined to emulate his style. I climbed up off the belay about five feet, clipped a piton, a relic from the seventies, all rusted, a ‘maybe’ piece of protection, as in if you fall maybe it will hold. Then I climbed twenty feet out to the left, heading for a crack system. At this point I was on a small perch, contemplating my fall with the toes of my feet on some good footholds, my hands on some decent holds as well, eyeing the next moves to get to a crack where I could place some pro that would hold a fall. It’s at this point in climbing where complete focus is necessary. I zoned in to the moment, delicately stepped up eyeing a handhold, leaned into it, and stepped up to place gear. I was safe again, and climbed up a decently protected crack system to the next belay.

I do love a good climbing book. Just added this one to my list.