Next Level Interview with The Dawn Wall Team

Climbing : What was it about the Dawn Wall climb that captivated not just climbers but all of America? The send was featured on every national newspaper and news network. You were on SportsCenter, Ellen DeGeneres….

Kevin : There were two news reports that really brought the story to the next level. John Branch at The New York Times and Melissa Block at NPR were the only two reporters we granted interviews to while on the wall because we respect both of those platforms so highly. And they both told the story not from a climbing or “sports” perspective but from a human engagement perspective. They communicated it from the angle of the dream, the challenge, the struggle, the teamwork, and all of that. It wasn’t hard facts about pitch count, difficulty, gear, rope length—all that trivial, benign stuff. Instead, they successfully conveyed the reason why we all love climbing in a way that wasn’t climbing specific, if that makes sense. The rest was just a total magical cocktail of everything lining up the right way. I really feel like if it weren’t called the Dawn Wall, and if it weren’t in Yosemite, the story wouldn’t have exploded the way it did.

This interactive interview with the Dawn Wall team is absolutely fantastic. The interview Q&A is good, but I actually feel like the page itself is gorgeous and the future of how these in depth interviews should be.

Seriously, go check it out.