The Best iOS Calendar App That No One Talks About

Calendar apps on iOS tend to be a very personal choice. I don’t mean perosnal in the intimate kind of way, rather everyone tends to have their own desired feature set. Natural language input, email integration, task integration, UI, etc - each of these are more or less important depending on who you ask.

Some calendaring applications on the iphone and ipad do have universal acclaim: Fantastical, Sunrise, Calendars 5, Pocket Informant. It’s this last one that I never see in the tech press that I have been using for years now and rely upon everyday. In my opinion it’s the best iOS calendar app out there.

Pocket Informant has almost every feature that the aforementioned apps boast. Natural language input? - Yep. Task integration? - Yep. Customizable? - Yep. Google calendar integration? - Yep. Here’s a full blown feature list.

If you don’t feel like following the above link, here are a couple of my favorite features that most don’t know about:

  • Evernote integration: You can sync chosen notebooks and they can show up on your calendar as notes you took for that day…if you want
  • Contacts integration: Access your contacts right from within the app
  • Focus/Today View: This is your day snap shot and controls your app badge count. I have mine show the weather, iOS shopping list, today’s events, ETA to my next event
  • URL Schemes: For those who like apps like Drafts 4, then you’ll be happy to know this is supported
  • Geolocation: filter events/tasks by location
  • iOS reminders integration: Individual iOS reminders lists can be selected to show on various views. Additionally, recurring reminders only show up on the next time they’re due and appear crossed out once completed
 Super handy Today Widget

Super handy Today Widget

A must have feature for me is a comprehensive Month View. The nature of my work necessitates me being able to look at the month ahead to set up appointments and events. With a quick glance, I can know what days are open or drill down to specific times for a particular day to know if I can schedule something.

Additionally, Pocket Informant’s iPad app is constantly open and sitting next to me at my PC work computer. The layout of the month view is really emphasized on the iPad and a ton of information can be viewed all at once.

So What?

I’m a calendar app junkie, I admit it. I try any new calendar app that is reviewed by the tech press and my iTunes bill is often proof.

But I always seem to come back to Pocket Informant.

The user interface on the iPhone works with how my brain likes to see my events, input tasks, and monitor my iOS reminders lists. The Evernote integration is nice for when I look at my calendar at the end of the day and see what notes I took. The ETA to next event feature allows me to quickly open Maps when traveling to my next event. It’s as basic or complex as I want it to be.

Lastly, Pocket Informant has a web version and pending Mac app counterpart that will complete the calendar trifecta. The Mac app early release is available today and is discounted from what the 1.0 app will release for.

Check out Pocket Informant for iOS for free if you’re curious. I hope you are.