Here's What Apple Should Do With Beats

Quick read on Strategies for Beats

I have many more ideas for what Apple should do with Beats to make it overtake the other streaming services, but we can leave that novella for a later time. The four strategies I have listed above are the most vital to the success of Beats. So vital, in fact, that I don’t think Beats will succeed unless at least two of the four options will be chosen. Realistically, options 3 and 4 will be implemented by Apple, mostly because they come with no additional costs. I do not think, however, they will be enough to convince people to switch to Beats. To steal market share from the other music streaming services, options 1 and/or 2 should be chosen.

Interesting take on this that seems pretty logical to me.

Unlike the author though, I don't think it would be as hard for people to switch from Spotify to Beats if the Beats user experience was better. For this Apple would have to really nail the app and its features up front and before they made the big push promoting it. The thing about these music streaming services is that people don't feel the need to be loyal to one or the other because they don't own the music. Just the playlist....and half the fun of going to a new music streaming service is making new playlists while you discover new music.

I actually subscribed to Beats for a couple months because the curated playlists were really good (although I couldn't un-train say you like Taylor Swift one time!) and the app is quite beautiful. Yet the offline features were erratic and the music discovery didn't feel as organic as Spotify. With the recent updates to the Spotify app, I couldn't be happier with the service right now.

But I don't own the music and I do love making new playlists. So come on Apple, saddle up and give this Beats thing a try.