The App That Changed the Way I Use My iPhone Returns to The App Store


via MacStories

Launcher was an application launcher for Notification Center. In June 2014, Apple announced iOS 8, which, among various features, included widgets – extensions of apps that were going to let users glance at bits of data directly from the Today view of Notification Center. Gardner – who had decided to go full-time with his indie development studio in March – had an idea: what if a widget could offer shortcuts to other apps?

I had actually downloaded this app when it first came out and was super bummed when Apple yanked it. Since I already had it installed, I've been able to use it the past few months, with its 1.0 limitations.

This is one of those apps that has changed the way I use my iPhone.

Additionally, the developer has added the ability to launch Workflows. So now I can swipe down my widget view and with one tap launch a workflow that figures out how far I am from home, my drive time, and text my wife that time and my current location...all in one go.

One tap...magic.

Read a great write up at MacStories or skip that and just go download Launcher and enjoy.