Maybe This is Why Hillary and Jeb Haven't Declared Yet


“There is no doubt that outside organizations — PACs, Super PACs, etc. — wield enormous influence over both candidates and voters,” says Jessica Levinson, clinical professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. “Because money flows so freely throughout our political system, I think the important thing at this point is for there to be thorough transparency about who these lobbyists are, and the interests that they work for.”

Speaking recently with The Hill, uber-lobbyist Tony Podesta predicted that “whoever the next president is will not maintain the lobbyist ban” instituted by President Obama — a ban, he noted, that has already crumbled under the weight of numerous exemptions and waivers. It’s not hard to see that happening, given that the shadow campaigns are already managed by lobbyists.

I wonder if that's why some of these folks haven't announced yet. Once they do there will be more restrictions (barely) on the money flowing to them, but if these "shadow campaigns" continue then the regulations on that money remains unregulated.

via The Intercept