Aconcagua, check!

Great trip report, over at Moja Gear, of Myles Wittman's ascent of Aconcogua.

My stream of consciousness is as active as a kitten and I cannot sleep. Damn it! The one night that sleep is the most important, I cannot get it. I never have problems sleeping and look at me now.

Definitely been there, happens to me before every big wall I've done

At one point I turn around to see that the man behind me has his nose partially exposed from under his goggles and facemask and that the exposed part of his nostril is blue-white; clearly frost nipped. Startled, I try to point out the issue,

I hope that guy still had a nose at the end of the day

Every five steps over the loose path I stop, panting for breath, sucking at the thin air. Each break growing longer than the last, my last ten steps to the summit are so labored that upon reaching the summit I collapse in a miserable pile on the rocks and sleep soundly for 30 minutes.

 It was this big!

It was this big!

So awesome and humbling how a climb like that can exert its will upon matter what kind of shape you're in.

Read the whole write up here.