Writing Climbing's History of Tomorrow...Today


I grew up reading the legendary tales of John Long and other greats. For years I pined to know those magical times. I yearned to sit around the fire with Yabo, and chug cheap wine with Harding – to feel I shared a place on the edge of something amazing that was happening right at our fingertips; to see a bit of the wilderness that only pioneers may understand.

Yet I’ve finally come to see such times are still happening. As before, those times are now. The wonder and thirst for unexplored realms still exists, along with all the legends in the making.

It's funny, I was watching Valley Uprising yesterday and had these same nostalgic sentiments. Whenever I read a book about climbing's history and the legends that established the first ascents I dream about, I too want to be transported back to Camp 4 in the 1960's. But until Delorians get flux capacitors, we have to realize that we are the ones who will write climbing's history of tomorrow...today.

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