Spotify Announces New Features: Running, Now, & Shows


Some cool features recently announced by Spotify in the battle to keep the edge amongst music streaming services.

At a press event held earlier today, Spotify announced a series of initiatives to bring new media content to the service with audio and video shows, a new recommendation section, and Running, a feature to help runners listen to songs dynamically matched to their pace.

I'm more excited about the Running feature than anything else.

Spotify announced Running, a new feature that uses a smartphone's sensors to dynamically adjust playlists and songs for runners based on their pace. The feature is modeled after the company's constant mix of human curation and algorithm-powered recommendations: Running will come with a selection of new playlists for runners, but the app will be capable of adjusting songs based on the user's listening history and tempo.

Not too long ago I wrote about Tidal and my switch from Spotify to JayZ's new service. I stuck with Tidal for two months but eventually found that it lacked the music selection, playlist curation, and variety that I wanted. Even though I still prefer how the Tidal app handles certain features, that wasn't enough to keep me with them....which surprised me. I also felt like Tidal was too centered on hip-hop, which is not my leading genre of music to listen to.

Spotify's new video, Now, and running features are really quite nice - although I haven't had a chance to test the running yet. All of which bring me back to subscribing to Spotify...until Apple launches its new service...perhaps. Competition in this arena is great for consumers and keeps it moving forward. We're in a great time when that happens.

Spotify Announces Shows, New ‘Now’ Section, and ‘Running’ Mode – MacStories