On the Evolution of Gym Cimbing


At first glance, you might ask, How well do the otherworldly forms of the modern climbing wall prepare people for outdoor climbs?

But I’d suggest that they don’t have to. Indoor climbing is no longer just preparation for outdoor climbing; it is its own pursuit. (We’ve seen such cleaving off of climbing sub-disciplines time and again: bouldering outdoors was once practice for technical sections of longer ascents, but has grown to be very much a stand-alone activity.) Therefore, indoor climbing is free to go as far as routesetters, hold shapers, gym owners and of course climbers are willing to take it.”

As a setter this rang very true to me. Even in my short 10 years of climbing, the gym has evolved. These days, I often try to set for aesthetics as much as I do for climbing movement. (although movement always wins out) Even 5 years ago I wouldn't think of doing that. It was always about setting to train for going outside.

Times are changing and I'm enjoying it all the way.

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