Have a Routine for Your Writing

This is my writing routine.

It sounds a bit regimented, but I’ve become a believer in the routine. Having a set time and place for doing my most important work is genius. I used to write when I felt like it — at some point during the day I’d hope to write something. Who knows when it would be or what the topic would be (I certainly did’t).

While I hardly consider myself a part time writer, I do like Shawn Blanc's system. I'm a fan of routine for certain things and I can see this method working well for someone like me.

But there’s one more thing…

The Note

When I sit down at my desk, coffee and keyboard ready to go, there is something else.

There, waiting for me on top of my desk and in front of my computer, is a handwritten note...

Nice read if you're looking for a more consistent writing methodology.

The Note — Shawn Blanc