10 Big Updates to the Best iOS Text Editor

Federico Viticci on the recent update to Editorial.

Features like browser tabs, folding, custom templates, preview themes, and better search make Editorial the undisputed king of Markdown text editing on iOS – an area where no other app can compete at this point.

Viticci introduced me to Editorial when it was first released and he does a great job of highlighting what is in this giant release. I stopped using it as much recently since I found it annoying that the iPhone 6plus wasn't supported...but no longer.

As someone who created and writes over at MacStories for a living, he gives it the strongest endorsement a web writer and Apple fan can give.

If I had to pick one iOS app I couldn’t live without, that would be Editorial.

Check out his review: Editorial 1.2 Brings Powerful New Text Editing Features, More iOS Automation

or just go buy it.
Editorial on the App Store