Instapaper Adds Notes Feature


via Mac Stories

Thanks to Notes, I’ve started using Instapaper as a blogging tool. When I’m reading and I find something I want to comment on, I highlight noteworthy passages and add my notes to start composing a linked post for MacStories. This enables me to stay inside Instapaper, avoid external distractions, and retain the context of the article I’m reading. When I’ve reached the end of the article, I can then tap the new Share All Notes button, pick Markdown (plain text and HTML are also available), and export all my highlights and notes from an article to an iOS extension as text. Using Workflow and Editorial, I can go from Instapaper to a linked post ready to be published on MacStories in two taps. I find this incredibly empowering and practical. Most of the linked posts I’ve published for the past month generated from Instapaper Notes.

I think this is going to work well for my own workflow.

What’s next for Instapaper?

If you look at post-acquisition Instapaper, we’ve created a collection of the best reading tools in the world. From highlights, to text-to-speech, to speed reading, to notes, we’re continuing to lead innovation in the mobile reading space. Although I won’t reveal what we’re currently working on, I promise you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready.

Instapaper Launches Notes, Bringing Annotations to Articles