BearCam - Climbing Photographer Interview

Tell me a funny story.

My first trip abroad to Spain, when I met Dave Graham, Jon Cardwell and Andre DiFelice, was filled with crazy moments.

At the end of the trip, Andre and I had no money and we found what we thought was a free hostel to crash. Throughout the night, our roommates were burping, coughing, farting. We didn’t know what the hell was the matter with them. We woke up and stumbled into the breakfast area. The staff put out some vitamin-enhanced strawberry milk cartons, which were gone in the blink of an eye. Everyone was chain smoking. That’s when we realized we’d accidentally slept in a homeless shelter. It was really weird....

Always interesting to hear how the people behind the images we adore make their way to earning a living doing what they love.

What hurdles have you faced in terms of making a career in the climbing world?

The whole “coming up” period sucks. But you have to go through it. I had a seasonal job at RMNP that let me save up and dirtbag and shoot in the off season. I would just shoot, shoot, shoot.

Spent time with the right people and showed them how I would follow through on my projects. Starting out I was shooting for barely enough to get to the next trip, borrowing money. I remember after spending a full summer season abroad, then coming back and wrapping up my edits and looking at my bank account like WTF!

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