Design of a Site Meant to Be Read

Ben Brooks had a great article on what a readable site should be:

My first stab at talking about a readable site was very focused on clutter, and yet very flawed, because of the fact that I looked just at clutter, and not more elements of the site design.

A good, readable, design is far more than just clutter.

He’s referring to his first article that he wrote back in 2012 and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some tips or advice from someone who has successfully gone the indie route. I particularly like his initial focus on article material and the comparisons between site’s like Daring Fireball and other, more commercial, tech news sites.

His second article that I’m linking to, caused me to reflect on my own site’s readability and the flow of the reading experience. I think I can be a little heavy on the use of large images, but to his point, sometimes they do help tell the story. [1] Yet, every now and then it is good to turn your gaze upon yourself and do some evaluating. Maybe I’ll do a bit of cleaning up.

Design of a Site Meant to Be Read: Part Two

  1. I never get tired of my Narrows picture. Climbers' imaginations should run wild upon sight of an image like that.  ↩