Off-widths Are For Girls

One of my main reasons for coming out west is to learn how to climb off-widths efficiently and well. I believe in being a well-rounded rock climber. I don’t have aspirations of becoming a pro and I’m not under the misconception that I will be the best climber (today, tomorrow, or any day in years to come). I’m here because I am trying something new. I’m here because I am learning how to own my own shit – ultimately, you are responsible for yourself and left to your own devices. I’m here because I wanted to make the uncertain things in my life more certain.

Not sure how I found this blog post, but I recommend giving it a read. It's well written and the author caught me off guard with her poignant and introspective highlights.

I’m exactly where I need to be because I’m finding out who I am and recreating myself, at the same time.

I haven't dug in to this blog much, but it sounds like she's doing some self discovery while climbing her way out west. That's a recipe for a fantastic trip and I would bet my next paycheck that she comes home a different person. Climbing will do that to you.

I’m not a better person because I became a rock climber. I’m a better person, because in four plus years of climbing, I’ve learned how to define my own limits, push past fears, treat people and make mistakes. Nobody is going to love me for me unless I love myself, for all of the above.

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Off-widths are for girls