Strong is Beautiful

About 250 of the world’s strongest women flew home from Houston, Texas, last week after competing at the 2015 Weightlifting World Championships. Among them were dozens who, when they took up the sport, were told by a concerned relative: “Don’t do it! Weightlifting is not for girls. You’ll end up looking like a man.”

Katrin Davidsdottir, from Iceland, was among them. She said in Houston: “When I told my aunts I was weightlifting they said, ‘Don’t do it. No, it’s not feminine, you can’t do that.’ But look at the girls here – they’re strong but they’re beautiful. They’re still girly.”

None more so than her friend and teammate Annie Thorisdottir, known to her half a million followers on social media as “Iceland Annie” or simply “Annie”. When she completed her sixth and final lift of the competition, Iceland Annie was very girly indeed, bouncing up and down on the stage, clapping her hands and shrieking “Ha-ha!” before she raised her arms in triumph.

I love the healthy mindset behind "strong is beautiful". Women should aspire to be healthy and strong - not having to worry about body image because they are confident in that health and strength.

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