My Switch Back to Apple Music from Spotify

With iOS 9.2, Apple fixed a bunch of things that had driven me away from Apple Music to the trusty Spotify. Despite rough initial experiences like, mine Apple Music grew quickly.

via The Next Web

Apple hit a major milestone of 10 million paying subscribers for its streaming music service, only six months after it launched, reports the Financial Times.

That’s half the size of Spotify’s current user base. But what’s interesting is that it took Apple five years less than its rival to attain this figure.

While not super surprising, I was impressed that Apple Music got 10 million paying subscribers. That shows that people wanted that and that Apple's timing was just right.

Spotify still leads the way with innovation though.

Another point worth considering is that Spotify has constantly innovated through 2015 to make its service more useful, with features like Taste Rewind, Discover Weekly and Spotify Party. Meanwhile, Apple Music is still tied to iTunes that’s beleagured by usability issues and an unintuitive interface.

It does feel like Apple is trying to squeeze new wine into an old wine skin...that will only work for so long and is what initially drove me away. Spotify's app is still sooooo much nicer but I've decided to give another run at Apple Music; primarily due to the Apple Watch integration. Yet, as I previously mentioned Apple is committed to fixing this service and proved that with iOS 9.2's off cycle release.

The nice thing about not buying music any more is you don't have to be loyal to one service or another. For now, I'll just tell my watch to play my "Awesome!" playlist and I'll continue to smile when my phone starts belting out tunes without any physical interaction from me.