Train Like a Rock Climber to Up Your Fitness

It's funny to hear a prominent website/publication to recommend climbing as a way to enhance one's fitness. My bet is that 40-60 percent of the folks who "tried climbing to up their fitness" would just become climbers.

Perhaps you have grand plans to party like a rock star on New Year’s Eve. But when it comes to that resolution you quietly made to improve your health and fitness next year, you have an itty, bitty, boring whisper of a notion that maybe you’ll drag yourself to a gym in January.

You know what’s likely to happen after that. Epic fail.

“Exercise should be engaging. If it’s not engaging, it’s not interesting and it’s probably not doing as much for you anyway,” says rock climbing extraordinaire Lynn Hill. Considered one of climbing’s all-time greats, the Boulder, Colorado-based 54-year-old owner of Lynn Hill Climbing, who is now retired from sport climbing, continues to push her limits on climbs around the world, while inspiring and instructing newbies. And she knows a thing or two about getting completely absorbed in her activity of choice.

Welcome to the wonderful world of climbing all you New Years resolution goers.

Train Like a Rock Climber to Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

 PS. how do you like the old school pic?

PS. how do you like the old school pic?