Your Watch is Useless on a Big Wall

An excerpt from Valley Walls by Glen Denny made me smile and nod knowingly. He is recounting his first time climbing a big wall with Warren Harding and Chuck Pratt, East Face of Washington Column in Yosemite:

Everything was bathed in a silvery light, but I was too disgusted to enjoy it. I pulled out the watch. It said 1:30. I stared at the watch hands in disbelief. They didn't seem to move at all.

I looked up at the moon and Half Dome and noticed that the distance between them had grown wider. In that moment I realized the watch was useless - it served no purpose up here. You climbed when it was light, and when it was dark you forgot about time until it was light again.

If you're determined to get to the top and not even thinking about coming down...time doesn't matter up there.

 Photo from Valley Walls, by Glen Denny

Photo from Valley Walls, by Glen Denny