A picture is worth 1,000 words

All good climbing pictures have a story that support them and make them that much richer. Here is 1 of 6 great photographs from Climbing.com.

Climber: Frédéric Moix Route: Arches of Time (V8/7b) Location: Bafa Lake, Turkey

Surrounded by idyllic olive trees and historic ruins, Bafa Lake is more than just a world-class bouldering destination. Due to its historical significance—it was a trading port a few thousand years ago—it was declared a national park in 1989, covering 65 square kilometers and home to at least 224 unique bird species. Many religious groups, including both weather-worshipping cults and Christian sects, made their homes here at different times, and each group has left some trace of their existence. Coarse-grained granite boulders dot the landscape and intermingle with 2,000-year-old crumbling walls, and despite blocks that seem somewhat featureless, there are dozens of high-quality climbs. Frédéric Moix found and established this problem at the top of the hill: a 33-foot roof crack that splits the middle of this arching tunnel. “I was blown away when I saw it the first time, but it wasn’t so hard,” he says of giving it the 7b grade. “But it’s probably 7a [V6] for Americans because Europeans can’t jam!”

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