Reinhold Messner on the Secret to an Adventurous Life

Reinhold Messner did some absolutely amazing things before there was a spotlight on every mountaineering expedition up Everest or story published after a successful first ascent anywhere in the world. I'm always game to get some life tips from this legend.


For a man who’s been called the greatest mountaineer of all time, Reinhold Messner is surprisingly reserved and humble as he looks back on his 70 years on the planet.

He’s explored and survived some of the most challenging and unforgiving terrain on Earth. Most famously, he completed the first solo ascent of Mount Everest as well as summiting all 14 8,000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen, often choosing routes that were more challenging. He’s crossed deserts, including the Gobi, and traversed the Arctic and Antarctica. His exploits are legendary and well-known.

 photo by Ben Fullerton

photo by Ben Fullerton