New Route on El Cap Goes Free

I've generally stopped posting "new route goes..." as those stories can get kind of old even though they are amazing feats of climbing strength and tenacity. However, I'm a sucker for El Cap firsts.

This new one goes up next to Salathe Wall.

The crux came on the relatively low-angle sixth pitch, with a huge downward and sideways dyno. “Unfortunately, I was a bit short to reach the foothold mandatory to make the dyno move go without breaking my arms,” Gobright said. “Mason successfully stuck the move after tweaking his shoulder on a previous try.” Earle graded the move V10, or roughly 5.13+.

The two started working on the project five years ago. “We gave up two years ago because the climbing felt impossible,” Gobright said, “but we got inspired this year to try it again. We both felt a lot stronger this past year, and I think the Dawn Wall ascent may have inspired us just a little. We spent six days on the wall [during the final push], spending most of the time working the sustained and steep pitches in the center of the route.” The two topped out on June 17.

These multi-year projects demand respect in my book. If you have never climbed a big wall then it's tough to have an idea of how much planning and logistics goes into them, let alone the fact that these guys are climbing multiple 5.13+ pitches.

Congrats to them