Airmail...My New IOS Email Client

I'm a sucker for note apps, calendar apps, and new email apps. Well today I spotted some reviews for Airmail and of course MacStories had THE review to read.

Airmail hits some key features I find essential nowadays. One of those is adjustable snoozing:

Airmail doesn't reinvent message snoozing, which is built on top of the same inbox-to-folder mechanism used by other apps. However, by virtue of being available on both the iPhone and OS X, Airmail's snoozed messages have a chance of becoming a key feature of the app more quickly than other clients. A snoozed message is only as convenient as the number of devices on which it can re-appear, and while Outlook and Spark are only available on iOS (for the iPhone and iPad), Airmail's snoozed messages will show up on the iPhone and Mac. For a lot of people, this is a bigger deal than having two iOS devices show the same snoozed message again.

There are so many features that I think this might be my new go to email client. Check out the great review or just go buy it at the app store.

Airmail for iPhone Review: Power User Email