Home Sweet Van

Exactly one year ago, I was sitting with my partner Richmond in the shell of our Sprinter van. It’s Valentine’s Day, and he’s surprised me by whisking me away to one of our favorite coastal spots off of Highway 1. It’s an unusually warm, winter day and our ocean view is bathed in golden light. Our van is hollow, except for a table and two chairs that Richmond brought along for us. He lays out a tablecloth and some guilty pleasures: red wine, sweet baguette, various smelly cheeses, and olives (marinated with chiles). We eat, sip wine, and watch the waves, as our imaginations fill the blank canvas of our van with ideas of what it could be.

365 days later, we’re now living full-time in our van. It’s taken hours, days, months, and many weekends, but we’re finally almost ready to hit the road. Many people wonder why we’ve made such a drastic life change, what about nomadic life for us is so appealing, and why we’d want to live in 50 square feet of space together in what used to be a plumbing truck.

Home Sweet Van: Building a Life Together in a Sprinter Van - Never Stop Exploring