Can a Cup of Coffee Help Your WOD or Climbing Session?

I've always wondered if a cup of coffee can get your motor running before a good climbing session or workout. Well it looks like some people smarter than I wondered the same thing.

As a former competitive cyclist, University of Illinois kinesiology and community health professor Robert Motl routinely met his teammates at a coffee shop to fuel up on caffeine prior to hitting the pavement on long-distance training rides.

"The notion was that caffeine was helping us train harder ... to push ourselves a little harder," he said.

The cyclists didn't know why it helped, they just knew it was effective.

"I think intuitively a lot of people are taking caffeine before a workout and they don't realize the actual benefit they're experiencing. That is, they're experiencing less pain during the workout," Motl said.

This study was actually done back in 2009 and the short of it is that coffee (or caffeine really) can have some benefits. I've seen some Crossfit types say that it may not help shorter, high intensity workouts, rather the benefits would come into play with longer workouts. Yet after reading this study (and that last line I quoted above about feeling less muscle pain) I am curious to find out more.

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