This 40 Year Old Study Could Have Reshaped The American Diet

It was one of the largest, most rigorous experiments ever conducted on an important diet question: how do fatty foods affect our health? Yet it took more than 40 years - that is, until today - for a clear picture of the results to reach the public.

I was pretty shocked by the conclusion that this article pointed out that for some reason is just being brought to light today. My whole life I've been told (and believed) that saturated fats were mostly bad for you.

But the idea that spurning saturated fat will, by itself, make people healthier has never been fully proven, and in recent years repeated clinical trials and large-scale observational studies have produced evidence to the contrary.

The new research adds to the previous findings calling into question the health benefits of diets that reduce consumption of saturated fats in favor of other foods.

That was the shocker to me. Now I need to dig up more on this study just to satisfy my curiosity on what it actually says.

Why such an apparently well-done study received so little fanfare is mystifying.


This study 40 years ago could have reshaped the American diet. But it was never fully published.