Should You Go RX With Minor Injuries?

First, I bet most people just rolled their eyes when they read this headline.

Second, I would bet again that the answers people give to that are split right down the middle. "Hell yes you should go RX! If it doesn't hurt you're not trying!" or "There's no need to go RX if you're could make it worse. Don't push it". The answer is the typical "It depends". (Isn't it always?)

On Twitter, when posed with the above question, @RXAction said it perfectly.

All depends on the workout. For example, if the RX word consists of double under, back squats, box jumps, and the minor injury is a shoulder injury, then yes.

But if the injured muscle/joint is being worked then you should not, not even scaled

Bingo. For most of us mortals, there is no need to push through an injury just for a PR or to get a better score/placing in the Open. The only exception to this common sense approach to self preservation are those athletes who are legitimately competitive for Regionals or have a true shot at The Crossfit Games. You see it in professional sports all the time. The quarterback or point guard that ignores that tweaked hamstring, broken hand, or messed up shoulder and steps into the arena like a modern day gladiator.

One thing that should be stressed on both sides of this conversation is that there is a lot of responsibility on coaches to guide athletes in either direction. 90% of the time coaches will (or should) advocate caution, scaling, or even modifying a workout to avoid aggravating the injured muscle/joint.

So should you go RX if injured? If you are one of the few that will step into that arena and get a chance to shout at a crowd of thousands "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!!!???", then go for it. For the rest of us mere citizens, take a break and live to WOD another day.