Productive Writing Habits

Solid and to the point about how to be a productive writer.

One question I get asked a lot is what my writing process is like. I keep a pretty hectic schedule; I write for Huffington Post, for Business Insider, Startup Smart, Elite News Daily and even the Hubspot blog.

I also publish up to 6 days a week here on Medium, take the time to reply to every single one of my readers and work on marketing and content for some of my consulting clients.

How do I balance it all? It’s actually not a hard thing to do. I’ve found it comes down to processes. Ensuring that you have the right processes and steps in place to keep everything running.

I follow these steps every fucking day, because I know that my natural inclination is to slack off. To quit. To find excuses. No matter how much I love writing, I have this part of me that wants me to fail. These processes are the way around it.

How To Publish 6 Blog Posts Every Week. — Life Learning