I Made You a Mixtape

Fourteen years ago, I was handed the first mixtape someone ever made for me.

A few months later, Luca was burning a new CD for me every other week.

After listening to the first one for a few days, I got back to him and shared my impressions: I liked the mid-2000s punk rock and hip hop, didn't care for the house and electronic stuff he put in, appreciated the alternative and rock classics (I knew some of them!), and I could have gone with less R&B. Luca listened, we talked, and he followed up with a second CD. It was clearly based on my feedback: he doubled down on OutKast and Blink-182, slipped in some old Green Day and Van Halen (I'm pretty sure that was my first encounter with When I Come Around and Panama), and there was no sign of Usher. I discovered Stan by Eminem and Dido on that second mix.

Federico Viticci wrote a great piece over at Mac Stories about his love of music, how it grew, and continues to grow through services like Discover Weekly (via Spotify). It was surprisingly touching and I highly recommend taking the time to read it...and then head over to Spotify to see if you like the same Discover Weekly the app will create for you after some use (even on the free account from what I can tell).

I Made You a Mixtape