The Yosemite Stone Monkeys

We were deep into research and filming for a documentary that will eventually air on PBS. We decided to call the film “El Cap Report,” so named for a popular blog of the same name that the central character, Tom Evans, maintains. In talking to Tom, we found something really interesting, a chance to look around inside a wild subculture, or in this especially unique case, a subculture within a subculture—Yosemite’s Stone Monkeys.

Tom Evans was our gateway into the Monkey lifestyle, but he’d be the first to say that he’s not a Stone Monkey—or Rock Monkey, as a few prefer—or our favorite: Stoned Monkey. But through him, we met Cedar Wright who hauled us over to the El Cap Meadow to introduce us to Aaron Jones. We didn’t know it then, but Cedar and Aaron were part of a very informal, loose, and somewhat selective group of people who lived the Monkey lifestyle.

While not an exhaustive profile, it's interesting nonetheless. I've climbed in Yosemite over the years and heard the monkey calls of climbers up on El Cap.

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