Injury: How to Cope, Recover, and Return Even Stronger

I've got surgery to repair a torn labrum coming up in a cuople weeks, so this article caught my eye:

...research also showed that by setting goals during recovery and through the period of returning to training we can recover better than others. Quite obviously we will have a lot of time on our hands whilst lying in bed to mull things over and plan. It can be easy to lose enthusiasm and focus of what the end goal is. We will be limited in this period to what we can do, but the important point to remember is that over time we heal. Everything improves with time and it is only when looking back we realise how far we progressed.

Seems like common sense but still good to read and remember.

The goals we set will be far removed from those before the injury and this also goes for the goals upon returning. It is unwise to think that if we squatted 180kg and ran a mile in 6 – 6:30 minutes that we will do so within a few weeks of getting back to training. Often we hear that rest is important when training to allow our bodies to recover, however, the rest we will be doing is for much more than just recovering from training. It is essentially recovering from a trauma well outside the norm so all our bodies energy and efforts have gone into that, our fitness will obviously take a hit. The sooner we accept this and get on with setting smaller, realistic goals the sooner we will be back to our old standards. Remember, goals are all relative.

I had never thought of setting recovery goals, I had always planned on just seeing how quickly I could get back to normal. I like the idea though as I think it takes some of the dread away for me. Perhaps I'll try to lay them out here and check in every once and a while.

Still, if you're injured or know someone who's struggling with being injured, this may be a good article to refer to. Of note...the current fittest man in the world, broke his back a few years before standing atop the podium at the Crossfit Games this year.

Injury: How to Cope, Recover and Return Even Stronger