8 Moderate Climbs for Your Tick List

No matter your ability level, there are plenty of reasons to jump on an excellent 5.6. It can provide an opportunity to hone a certain skill set, like building anchors or perfecting hand jams. It can be a great entry point into unfamiliar and remote terrain. It can also mean cruising up stellar rock with spectacular scenery, removing us from the numbers-chasing game and reminding us why we all came to love climbing in the first place. Here, a collection of some of the country’s best 5.6s that every climber should add to the “must-do” list.

A couple of these are already on my tick list even though well below what I know I can climb. Sometimes climbing is about what they mention...climbing in that stellar scenery.

Moderate Marvels: 8 of the Best Multipitch 5.6 Routes in the U.S.