Why Apple will drop the "i" in iPhone

One of Epic Beta's readers, Luigi Rausch, recently wrote in and had a take on the upcoming naming of Apple's 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone. His take is below and I thought it was well formed and logical enough to get out there for further discussion. Check out his video linked below and let him know what you think.

The Phone.

As we know the “iPhone 8” is the stand-in name for the iPhone that marks the 10th anniversary of iPhones for Apple; however, nobody really knows what the "official" name will be. Many say it will be the iPhone Edition, or really the iPhone 8, but what if they simply called it the "Apple Phone" or rather the “Phone" removing the i in iPhone. Why do I think they would do this? Well Apple has been progressively changing their naming schemes since the "Apple Watch” and now they have of course "Apple AirPods" "Apple TV" "Apple Music" “Apple Pencil” etc..

Along with this new naming scheme, as Apple did with the Apple Watch, the following Apple Phone (of 2018) could be the Apple Phone Series 2, which would be the same as the S updated versions. Then the following year could be the Apple Phone 2 and following that the Apple Phone 2 Series 2 etc..I say this because the materials and the naming scheme from the Apple Watch always tend to trickle into the iPhone, like the 3D Touch, soon to be OLED display, and the possibility of a ceramic body.

To enforce this all further, as we know Apple recently changed the Mac operating system name from OS X to macOS. Now with the upcoming iOS 11 they are making big changes to differentiate the iOS's for the future iPhones and iPads as the iPads are so much more powerful now (already running a very different version of iOS than is on the iPhone). Hence they will change the naming scheme of that as well, most likely to phoneOS and padOS.

If Apple were to do this they wouldn't by any means be throwing away the iPhone name. Instead they would continue to use it on their cheaper older version phones at least for a few years to come, being that they always give consumers some cheaper options. The Apple Phone would then be reserved for the flagship model that is coming out. This would in-turn make the transition slow, giving users a chance to adopt the name and at the same time separating it from the rest of the line, making it stand out more. I think it also signifies and sets the tone for a new generation of Apple as a company as well as how this next generation of Apple Phones are going to change everything..again..as did the first iPhone ten years ago. We all believe that Apple has some crazy new tech up their sleeves - just from what we’ve seen from their patents alone.

This is all my own opinion of course, but I have not found anybody that even remotely mentions this possibility for the next iPhone and to me this feels like Apple’s game plan.

Luigi Rausch

Again, I think he has a very interesting perspective here and seems to lay it out well. There may be a couple things I'm not 100% onboard with...but that's why I like his points...they make me think. I hope they make you think too.

Check out his short video below.