Apps and the Push for Subscriptions

I needed a new business suit so off to the shops I went.

It took an hour to try different styles until I found the right one. Once decided, I took the suit to the cash desk with bank card ready.

“That’ll be £200 Sir,” said the store manager, “and £10 per month.”

“Why £10 a month?” I asked.

“Well Sir, although we make money on the original sale, we need a regular income from our customers, like Netflix”.

I don’t mind paying extra for alterations or occasional dry cleaning, but not to wear the suit after I paid.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about individual app subscriptions yet but this is a take worth reading. Perhaps that's why something like Setapp is slightly ahead of the basically have one subscription but for a whole suite of apps.

Like most things, the market will figure itself out.

The Subscription App Paradox – Hacker Noon