Using Bear as a Things note attachment repository

As it stands, Things does not have note attachment support or any sort of rich previews inside its task notes. So, if you create a task and want to add something to that task’s notes, you’re limited to inserting text and URLs — no photos, no PDFs, and no HTML/rich text/Markdown support for formatting text. You can drop in a URL in the task notes, but that URL is simply a URL — if it’s a link to a specific webpage, there’s no link preview either.

Using Things’ new URL scheme support, I’ve mostly overcome Things’ current note attachment limitation. In short, all my task notes are now held in Bear.

I love both apps and even tried this workflow...and it works. However it’s a whole bunch of taps to try and take a quick note for Things.

I could see this as possibly a processing method at the end of a day where you want to link a bunch of new notes and tasks you have. But it’s slightly cumbersome for truly quick input.

Sure is fun though if you like these apps.

Using Bear as a Things note attachment repository – The Sweet Setup