Use the Apple Airpods as Bluetooth Wireless Microphones for Video with the iPhone!

I’m looking at starting to make some videos with my new GoPro and other camera gear I’ve had for a while. The videos may make their way to YouTube, but primarily I want make videos my kids can look back on and reminisce about their childhood. Camping, family outings, family travel, etc.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get nostalgic looking at old school 8mm video of them and their parents in the 70s or 80s...and I want to be able to give my kids something like that.

As I was flying back home from a work trip, listening to music with my AirPods, I wondered if they would work in some sort of vlog setup. I asked my buddy Google and he came up with the answer.


The ONE thing you have to know though is that you can't just use ANY app to record your videos. The Airpods will not work with the native app. So far, from the 3 filming apps I've tested, (Apple Camera app, Filmic Pro and Movie Pro

Good to know. I’ll be messing with this a bit and who knows, perhaps I’ll get some of my own video up on the site.

Use the Apple Airpods as bluetooth wireless microphones for video with the iPhone!