The Patagonia Dad

I came across this article in my twitter timeline the other day.

Patagonia Dad, as we might call him, is absolutely everywhere. He’s at your child’s preschool, cropping up in breweries, roaming the dried goods aisle for trek mix ingredients, in the feeds of photographers like the woodsy Annie Hock. Check under your couch — like mice, he knows how to maneuver his body through tight spaces because he once watched a spelunking documentary. One glance and you know that when he gets home he will stuff his down vest into a closet full of more down vests, each a relic of past forays into the nearest REI and a symbol of the future trips he will take to collect his dividend. He may not have an opinion on diaper brands, but he knows the technical specs for all Patagonia jackets and fleeces dating back to 1995, and his blood is 100 percent traceable down.

Nailed it! Insert my name in to that article and I feel like the author is just talking about me. This last bit I found especially amusing.

He ~cannot~ wrap his head around spending $500 on a stroller but would drop the same amount on a family-sized tent if he could.


I liked this article so much (and agree with pretty much all of it) that I even changed the name of my YouTube channel guessed it, Patagonia Dad.

 image via @anniehockphoto on Instagram

image via @anniehockphoto on Instagram