Mac App Review: Bartender 3

Mac App Review: Bartender 3

As soon as I graduated from college and started making money, I bought myself a Mac laptop. That was back when the PowerBook G4 had recently come out and the shift towards the all aluminum casings had started. I had no real good reason to buy a Mac. I didn’t have any experience with them in college but I had heard they were reliable, easy to use…and I was employed and thus finally had my own money.

I’ve had three Macs over the course of almost 14 years since I graduated. In my book that’s pretty good, and as the years went by I amassed a fair amount of programs and applications I liked using…which in the past few years means my menu bar began to look like an airplane cockpit.

Rows of icons showed me what was open, quickly accessible, working on something…or just hanging there too remind me of the weather outside and that I was on wifi. Eventually this menu bar became too much for my occasional OCD and I went in search of something to clean it up.

I found….Bartender

Actually I found a bunch of things, but Bartender was recommended by fellow Mac nerds like Mac Sparky and Mac Stories.

At the time there was no free trial (wish I had Setapp) so I just bought on blind faith and recommendations. Boy, that was a good call.

This is one of those apps that if for some reason it’s not running, I immediately notice because my menu bar is a hundred icons long and I wonder what’s happening.

Bartender is not a basic “hide it all” app. The power behind it is the specificity of the options you get for each app in your menu. You can choose to not hide it, show it only if it updates (like the Wifi signal is lost or something), or hide all the time. That makes it incredibly useful and removes the worry of missing a notification that a menu bar icon can send you.

You can check this fantastic little app over at Macbartender (or try this and other apps for free here first[1])

  1. link takes you to Setapp….it’s pretty sweet  ↩