The Similarities of Off-Roading and Rock Climbing

I was watching the newest episode of one of my current favorite YouTube channels and I was struck by the realiziation that various types of off-roading align quite well with various types of rock climbing.


  • Slow, considered, technical, requires tons of practice and experience, bring everything but the kitchen sink: Aid Climbing VS technical Off-Road Rock Crawling
  • Fast, less experience required, less gear needed, can throw some caution to the wind: Sport Climbing VS ORV Park obstacle driving/racing
  • Faster yet, pedal to the metal adrenaline, think less...just go: Indoor Speed Climbing VS Baja Style Racing

I’m sure there could be more comparisons made, but as I watched the guys in the below video take hours to pass one obstacle, just to get turned around when the terrain looked even more reminded me of times I’ve had to do the same while climbing.

If you want to go straight to a well edited, good story lines, you tube channel...go check out Jason Koertge.