Climbers in Yosemite Say Goodby to Jim “the Bird” Bridwell

On Saturday, May 19, climbers from around the country gathered at the Lower River Amphitheater in Yosemite Valley to share their remembrances of Jim Bridwell.

Love this last bit.

Mike Graham, a member of the Stonemasters and the early Yosemite Search and Rescue team (YOSAR), for which Bridwell was a driving force, reminded the audience that "a man dies twice: once with his last breath, and then when his name is last spoken," prophesizing that as long as there are climbers in Yosemite Valley, Jim Bridwell will not die.

Dude is probably going to live forever. Rest In Peace.

Many flock to Yosemite to say goodbye to Jim 'the Bird' Bridwell