Bear Notes 1.5 Features

I admit, it took me a little while to get onboard the Bear train when the rest of The Sweet Setup clan chose it as the best note-taking app for iPhone and iPad. I tried over and over again to incorporate it into my daily use, but the shoe never fit.

That changed dramatically when Things 3.4 launched with a URL-scheme. Using the URL scheme, Things could communicate with a plethora of other apps, and Bear quickly became the app where I kept all my task attachments for reference.

Since then, I’ve used Bear extensively for research, thought organization, and everything in between, but there have been a few hiccups from day one that I’ve stomached ever since. The biggest of those has been the lack of a note archive — a place for all your notes to go once you’re done with them (because putting them in the trash brings a rush of finality I don’t prefer to deal with).

That note archive and a wealth of other improvements have been introduced in Bear 1.5 for iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.

Bear is one of those apps that make me wish I could work on my Mac more.

Bear 1.5 brings new themes, custom TagCons, special searches, and more – The Sweet Setup