Is This the Perfect Backpack for Your Adventure Photography?

As a frequent traveler who often needs to bring a lot of camera gear with him on his adventures, finding the right backpack for a trip can be a real challenge. My natural inclination is to always go light and fast, carrying as little as possible. But since I need to capture photos of my journey to share in my stories later, bringing heavy camera gear works counter to those instincts. Lugging around a camera body, a couple of lenses, extra batteries, a charger, and possibly even a drone can really slow you down, particularly if you don't have the proper bag to carry all of that equipment – not to mention your laptop, tablet, water, food, snacks, and other gear you need to survive on the go. After years of searching however, I think I may have found exactly what I've been looking for at last in the form to the new Fjord 36 from a company called NYA-EVO.

After I wiped the drool off my mouth, I had to restrain myself from buying this backpack that combines two of my favorite things to do...Or maybe I won’t restrain myself.

Gear Closet: NYA-EVO Fjord 36 Photography Backpack Review